Director’s Message, March 2020

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Dear Members,

The COVID-19 and its rapid spread around the world is the major concern to us working in the ISI Permanent Office and our members throughout the world.

Following the advice of the Dutch Government we decided to close the Permanent Office. All ISI staff members currently work from home. We can access our e-mail and files remotely and thus continue the necessary ISI operations. The measures are in place up to and including 6th of April and will be reviewed in light of the development.

We hear from our members around the world about the measures taken: many schools, universities, statistical offices and institutes have closed their doors and remote teaching and remote working have become the norm. Everyone is working extremely hard to find the right tools and methods to figure out how to make it work. It requires innovative thinking, new technologies and above all flexibility.

The ISI Executive Committee issued an advice to evaluate whether or not we can proceed with planned international meetings, conferences, workshops etc. Currently, more and more events are being cancelled or postponed, not only in the period covering the coming weeks but also in the after-summer period. The ISI and our Associations are reviewing the effect on our forthcoming events. Any decision we take will be immediately announced on the website and communicated via social media. One more reason to stay connected through the social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (please see the links below).

My most important message to you is my hope that everyone stays healthy. Take good care of yourselves, your family, friends and co-workers.

Kind regards,

Ada van Krimpen
ISI Director


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