Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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Remote work from home has become the norm for the ISI Permanent Office and it is amazing how well we can cope with the work and turn challenges into opportunities. One year ago, I could not have imagined and would not have thought that all ISI staff would work from home, but it turned out to be possible and we are proud of the result. Of course we all miss our daily contacts and know the situation will not change before the start of 2021 so we need to be patient.  

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ISI & Associations Webinar Programme

Speaking of turning challenges into opportunities, we launched an ISI and Associations Webinar Programme this summer. Due to COVID-19 many conferences and meetings had to be cancelled, postponed or redesigned. We therefore joined forces with our Associations and came up with an alternative: regular webinars on topics covering the interest areas of the Associations conducted under the auspices of the Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB).  To date a number of webinars have already been held by the IASS, IAOS, IASC and the ISI YS Committee, and there are more coming up. Most webinars will remain available for those interested in our Webinars Library. I am deeply touched by the enthusiasm of all colleagues who have been contributing to the programme and dedicating their time and efforts to make it successful.  

MoU with LISA2020

In the coming period we will also have other online initiatives taking place. By signing a Memorandum of Understanding with LISA 2020, ISI will be supporting nine projects in Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana and Tanzania. Delia North (ISI Member and Head of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa) is organizing several projects encouraging girls to choose statistics as professional training. More information on this initiative will be available soon. A number of other projects are being organized in Iran, India, Colombia and Peru. The ISI Statistical Capacity Building Committee is doing a great job in coordinating all of these efforts and the impact of their outstanding work is evident.


The Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB) agreement will end in December. On behalf of  the entire ISI family and hundreds of statisticians in developing countries who profited from the TFSCB, I would like to thank the World Bank and TFSCB for their support over a period of the last ten years. The activities we were able to organize with their support were numerous and diverse – ranging from sponsoring a series of Workshops on Leadership and Management for heads of NSOs in Africa to providing financial support to many members for attending the WSCs and other conferences. Many participants have shared with us their experiences and told us how these opportunities enriched their professional lives and contributed to building statistical capacity in their countries.

Donate to ISI & Associations

We would like to continue the ISI efforts in statistical capacity building but we need resources to be able to do this. You, our members, can also help us carry on this important work. Please donate to one of the ISI Funds, the ISI Outreach Fund or the ISI Fund for the Women’s Statistical Literacy Project. Please see our Donations page for more information. Donations are possible at any time through this page or at the time of your membership renewal for 2021.

For our US-based members we now offer a possibility to make tax deductible donations to ISI or any of the ISI Associations. ISI joined the Netherlands America Foundation (NAF) which makes this possible. See more about the ISI Fund at the NAF website.  

I end by wishing you all the best and, most importanlty, stay healthy!

Ada van Krimpen
ISI Director


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